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A Beginner's Guide to Web Hosting Applications

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WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal are Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow you to build professional websites. Not sure which one is right for your Web project? This guide is designed to give you an idea of which app best suits your needs.

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A Beginner's Guide to Web Hosting Applications

  1. 1. A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO WEB HOSTING APPS 1&1 Web Hosting with WordPress, Joomla!™, and Drupal™
  2. 2. Choosing The Right CMS WordPress, Joomla!™ and Drupal™ are Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow you to build professional websites. All 1&1 (Linux) Web Hosting packages provide WordPress, Joomla!™ and Drupal™ as free Click & Build Applications alongside many more. Not sure which one is right for your project? This guide is designed to give you an idea of which app best suits your needs. 2 1&1 Group
  3. 3. Things WordPress, Joomla!™ and Drupal™ all have in common: Powerful Wide range of features and support from extensive developer communities Free Open-source applications, regular free updates User-Friendly and Fast Quickly build a website with no in-depth programming knowledge required Customizable Maximum flexibility and personalization via a huge variety of add-ons 1-click Installation Easy setup via the 1&1 App Center 3 1&1 Group
  5. 5. What is WordPress? WordPress is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily create professional websites and blogs. WordPress offers a wide range of features and customization options that can be extended with many useful plugins and themes. WordPress Facts and Figures  Released in 2003  Estimated 22% of all websites are powered by WordPress – more than 60 million sites!  Over 2,500 free themes are available in the WordPress Theme Directory 5 1&1 Group TIP
  6. 6. Why Choose WordPress?  One of the quickest and easiest ways to build a professional website – suitable for beginners with a small to medium sized website or blog  Very easy to install and setup with 1&1 WP Wizard (manual installation also available)  No programming knowledge required for beginners, while still offering advanced options for experienced developers  Community support from other WordPress users – in addition to 1&1 App Experts  Over 2,500 free themes, plus countless premium themes available for purchase. 1&1 customers eligible for 20% off premium themes from TemplateMonster (more personalized designs and layout options, plus added functionality) 6 1&1 Group TIP
  7. 7. Typical WordPress User Profile 7 1&1 Group TIP User: Adam Warner Company: Adam’s Handmade Ceramics Business type: Small business, one person, just started Website type: Blog-style with a focus on creative written content and images of products Programming experience: None “I needed an app that was fast to set up and easy to use. With the huge variety of WordPress themes, I’ve been able to create a highly customized website for my business – with virtually no knowledge of Web design!”
  8. 8. What is Joomla!™? Joomla!™ is a powerful, flexible, and reliable content management system that’s ideal for everything from simple websites up to large corporate sites and online shops. Joomla!™ is easy to install and simple to manage once it’s up and running, even for non-technical users. Joomla!™ facts and figures  Released in 2005  More than 50 million downloads  Over 8,000 different extensions currently available  Community of more than 630,000 developers 8 1&1 Group TIP
  9. 9. Why Choose Joomla!™?  Easy for beginners, plus more advanced features for developers  Customization with over 8,000 extensions across five categories: components, modules, plugins, templates, and language  Highly flexible thanks to Joomla™ Framework which allows custom-built apps  Support from a dedicated community of over 630,000 developers  Strict six month release cycle ensures regular updates and innovative enhancements 9 1&1 Group TIP
  10. 10. Typical Joomla!™ User Profile 10 1&1 Group TIP User: Rebecca Smith Company: Greenway Fashion and Jewellery Business type: Established small/medium online retailer with 5 employees Website type: Online boutique with product listings and eCommerce functionality Programming experience: Small team with limited coding knowledge “I’m no expert, but I have some experience building websites, and wanted my new website to have a professional design and online shop features. Joomla!™ was perfect, with powerful features allowing us to implement everything we needed!”
  11. 11. What is Drupal™? Drupal™ is a powerful, fast, and flexible content management system capable of creating professional blogs, extensive corporate websites, online shops, and more. Drupal™ supports a huge range of add-on modules offering a wide assortment of features including: eCommerce systems, photo galleries, mailing list management, and CVS integration. Drupal™ facts and figures  Released in 2001  More than 30,000 free modules  Community of 31,000 developers 11 1&1 Group TIP
  12. 12. Why Choose Drupal™?  Very powerful CMS – suitable for experienced users building any kind of website, from a company blog to a large online shop  Ideal for corporate websites with high visitor numbers – high performance and fast loading speeds  Highly customisable with over 30,000 free modules – but some knowledge of HTML and PHP required 12 1&1 Group TIP
  13. 13. Typical Drupal™ User Profile 13 1&1 Group TIP User: Martina Cox Company: Alexander & Cox Financial Consultants Business type: Medium-sized consultancy business, well-established with over 15 employees Website type: Corporate Web presence with extensive content and advanced functionality Programming experience: Own IT dept. with HTML and PHP skills “We needed a high-performance CMS to cope with the traffic our website receives, with flexibility to regularly update content. Our team has some experience in Web design, PHP, and HTML, so Drupal™ was the perfect solution!”
  14. 14. Comparison At A Glance  Quick and easy to get started – best choice for beginners  Customizable with over 2,500 free themes  No programming knowledge required, while still offering extensive developer options 14 1&1 Group  Easy for beginners to pick up, plus advanced features for experts  Customizable with over 8,000 free extensions  Some programming knowledge beneficial for more complex projects  Very powerful, offering the ability to create any kind of website or blog  Customizable with over 30,000 free modules  Suitable for experienced developers with some knowledge of HTML and PHP
  15. 15. Getting Started with WordPress, Joomla!™ or Drupal™ The 1&1 App Center To install any 1&1 Click & Build Application in your Hosting package, simply log into your 1&1 Control Panel and select 1&1 App Center. Here you can choose to start a new Web project with WordPress, Joomla!™ or Drupal™, or manage your existing projects. Safe Mode And Free Mode Unsure about managing your app? Install it in Safe Mode to ensure that all updates and patches are performed automatically. More confident? Install in Free Mode to manage things personally! Evaluation Version For All Apps You can try out and compare apps easily and conveniently by selecting the evaluation version when installing in the 1&1 App Center. 15 1&1 Group