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  • Hari Om!

    Nice photos of obama in informal pose.

    The question whether he is good or bad president a good or bad human is really undefitable debate.

    Law of karma and theory of reincarnation is the only truth which can clear the human mind with the turbulence of this debate

    Why anyone is good and why anyone is bad. The source of answer to this 'why' lies in the type of causal body in us, of which the subtle and gross body is made of.

    Newtons third law of motion that 'every action has equal and opposite reaction' not only applies to physical objects but also to subtle forces of nature. Structure of our gross body and subtle body are based on action we have performed in the past and the action we are performing. The type of actions we perform shapes our causal body. Good action means good causal body and in turn a good subtle and gross body.

    Nothing happens in this world in haphazard way. Everything is perfect. How can the Creator who himself is perfect can create a world which is imperfect. When something bad is happening to you, then please understand that its a payback time for you for the bad action performed by you either in this life or in past life. When something good happens to you then please understand that its a time to reap the benefits of good action performed by you in past life and this life.

    The issue will still remain unresolved if we do not discuss the questions like how then a group of people / nation suffers the same type of suffering. Think of a situation like group of people dies in plane crash and nation suffering from a dreaded disease.

    For example a group of army goes to village and kill everyone. Now they all have performed the same type of action. They will have to payback in this or future life together. One of the way may be they will be pulled together by the forces of nature to board a plane which is likely to be crashed. All may die in plane crash.

    Another example is that during the Holocaust, gas chambers were designed to accept large groups as part of the Nazi policy of genocide against the Jews. Nazis also targeted the Romani people, homosexuals, physically and mentally disabled, and intellectuals. These people were killed by group of people in gas chambers. Now these group of people will be pulled together by forces of nature to come together in a single place (either in this life or future life) where dreaded disease has spread and they will all die of same disease.

    Those people may benefit from Obama who are having some good relationship in this life or past life with him. He may be bad to those who are having some bad relationship with him in this or past life.

    We are free to form our own destiny. The creator does not interfere in his law.

    The life in this world goes on with good and bad actions performed by people. Performing good action can reduce the affect of bad actions. However it can not totally nullify it.

    The only way to nullify the cause and effect relationship is to know the right way of performing actions. Dear Sir how can you perform action by believing in that mind / intellect which is conditioned by the actions of the past. Further we are also judging others by this conditioned mind.

    Lord in Srimad Bhagwad Gita explains the right way of action. Watch your actions. Observing the actions of ours, can help in this process. Objective action free from the conditioned mind / intellect is the right way of performing action. We can perform objective action when we are not guided by the result of action (as they are based on karma and is decided by the Lord) and when we know that the doer (i.e the conditioned mind / causal body) is not we. Actions which are performed based on conditioned mind / intellect is reaction and not action.

    Love and Om!
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