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  • Hari Om!

    Beautiful photos of nature.

    Every photo shows the harmony of different species of nature with each other. There is no mistake. Mother Nature works in perfect harmony. Each and every action has its own timing. No forces forget to work at its given time. Off course there is no big clock and sweet alarm to remind these forces.

    If you observe further you can feel the orchestra of the god.

    An orchestra is an instrumental ensemble, usually fairly large with string, brass, woodwind sections and a percussion section. String section consists of Violins. Brass section consists of horns and trumpets. Woodwind section consists of flute,oboes,clarinats and bassoons. The percussion section consists of Timpani. Every instrumental group (or section) has a principal who is generally responsible for leading the group and playing orchestral solos. The Conductor is the in charge of whole section. He sees that all section plays in Unison.

    When the string section work the precussion section slows down. When the brass and woodwind section works the string and percussion section is in silence. Further within a section also if flute, clarinats and Timpani works, the violins and horns may be in silence. Every move is predefined so that there is unison in playing and sound which comes out of it is the sweetest one.

    Similarly he is the conductor of the Orchestra called Mother Nature. His music is the sweetest one. There is lakh and lakh of section and sub sections in nature. Each and every section has its own section in charge called God and sub sections have other hierarchical order. The Conductor of all the section is Brahm (parmatma). Here in nature also every move is predefined. When there is winter then summer silence down. When there is summer then winter slience down. In winter some birds migrate and others do not. Even there are animals who changes color in winter. Further when there is day in the one part of world then there is night in other part of the world.

    We are amazed how all these works. In orchestra Conductor does not do anything. His presence is enough to activate everything. Similarly brahm does not do anything. His presence is enough to activate the forces of nature.

    Love and Om!
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  1. 25. Quand tu as le bonheur dans ta vie, n'oublie pas de le cultiver pour qu'il y reste longtemps. Charles Aznavour (Désormais)