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  1. 1. Reasoning Attributes to Make the Medal ot Honor Soldier _ Ambltion is an important part oi any persons ' worth, lt show l whether or not _they will go the extra mile in order * to obtain their goal. Hope. An important thing indeed. Whether or not has hope isn't that big ot a deal. It's i1 they can go through harsh circumstances. and retain that hope. So this category is to show whether they continue to grow. and tiourish even after harsh circumstances. Being head strong is a key in order to survive the harsh reality that is lite. Being headshong is having the capabilities to keep your sanity or cool in harsh situations that not many would be able to gel through. So might think it's a blessing others a curse.
  2. 2. Ambition Post Service Head Strong Flesilience Audm Mwphy Audie Murphy After the army Audie was a wasn't an Audie had a rough strong headed ambitious Child, patch. However, individual like the Not because he alter that rough other two. lacked the quality, patch ended Audie However. he but because he began a lite ot taiked ol was already born Iuxury. Moving to something into dire Hollywood to start different at the circumstances his extremely time it uvas taboo However. later in successlul movie PTSD. Post life Audie did shine career. He even traumatic stress a bit when it had his hand in disorder. Reiiving comes to song writing He horrible memories ambition But, it had a very in their dreams. wasn't necessarily successlul lite, it's the price to shown durriing the and v s taken too pay when you war Only when sao . achieve the things his lame became that Audie did. apparent did he gain that trait.
  3. 3. Ambition Drew Dix was an ambitious child Always wanting to ¡oin the Green Beiets. ll something ihilitary came out Drew' was all over it. I believe this may have actually motivated him in a way which have intluenced him in the war. He did become the soldier he dreamed ol. Post Service Head Strong Flesilience Drew went lor the quieter Iile which is very respectaole He continueo his service, and lived his tile in service betore retiring Very admirable. However, it must be pointed out that compared to the other to it does seem a bit tame, There is nothing wrong with that. but still need to be addressed. As tar as I know Drew lived a pretty calm lite not really allected by what he did So you could say he was very headstrong.
  4. 4. Daniel li Daniel was ambitious in almost every way Not only did he shoot high throughout his lite. But, he executed as well_ This man truly achieved greatness through his ambitions. and Will always be remembered though his achievements Post Service Flesilience Daniel had debatably the most inlluential post service Iile out ol the three, Yes. Murphy had fame, and Drew had heart. But, Daniel had both. Daniel went on to become the senator ot Hawaii. and is considered the most intluential American ol Asian decent. Head Strong Daniel was a very headstrong individual I didn't lind much when it came to ptsd like symptoms. but when you loose your arm in combat that has to do something to you right.
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