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1337 Malaysian Fintech Opportunity Report 2018 (Check description for full report)

As Fintech starts becoming the hot topic in the startup and technology industry, the insights team in 1337 Ventures decided to launch a thorough investigation in the Fintech scene in Malaysia, and publish a short report of the scene locally, listing current market players and concentrated verticals.

The insights team took data available from our latest Alpha Startups to understand the current shift in the market and predict future trends and opportunities. To keep up with the fast moving industry, sign up for our demo day, or follow our facebook page.

Original Report: https://1337ventures.typeform.com/to/JrFORK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1337Ventures/

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1337 Malaysian Fintech Opportunity Report 2018 (Check description for full report)

  1. 1. THE MALAYSIAN FINTECH OPPORTUNITY REPORT 2018 The way forward and untapped opportunity gaps for Fintech startups in Malaysia
  2. 2. This report is brought to you by the Leet Insights Team at 1337 Ventures, a technology accelerator and early stage venture capital focused on doing pre-seed and seed stage investments in Southeast Asia. It is the culmination of statistical data compiled from industry insights and research in the Fintech space. It also highlights trends and opportunity gaps gathered from analysing a diverse pool of submissions to the Alpha Startups Fintech Opportunity Map—a collaborative diagram designed to list current Fintech startups and companies in the Malaysian financial technology sector as nominated by the Malaysian public via a simple Survey form. Alpha Startups is an intensive pre-accelerator bootcamp formed by 1337 Ventures to help entrepreneurs put running shoes on their ideas, validate their MVPs, and provide startups with the baseline tools, mentorship and funding required to take their businesses to the next level. The industry-validated programme has successfully graduated top startups all over Southeast Asia that have gone from idea to exit within just 12 months. For more information, further enquiries or collaboration opportunities, email 1337 Ventures at info@1337.ventures Overview Though the Fintech scene right now is heavily populated with customer facing products such as Payment Processing Infrastructure and E-Wallets, it's just the tip of the iceberg. Much opportunity is still available in the Fintech Space, ranging from spaces like Islamic Finance and SME Solutions, as can be seen in our Fintech Opportunity Map. Bikesh Lakhmichand, CEO of 1337 Ventures Malaysian Fintech Opportunity Report 20182 IDEA ALPHA STARTUPS PRE-ACCELERATOR MVP + VALIDATED STARTUPS
  3. 3. Data Source: Aggregation of Application Submissions to 1337 Ventures’ Alpha Startups Fintech Edition programme in May 2018. Since applications were opened to the public, the programme has received positive response and submissions from a surprisingly diverse array of fintech verticals and countries. Popular fintech verticals in order of highest-to-lowest count by vertical groups include Insurtech (17.3%), Personal Finance Management (13.3%), Trading (8%), E-wallet (5.3%), Payments (4%), Blockchain (4%), Foreign Exchange (4%), SME solutions (4%), KYC (4%) and Micro Loans (4%), among others. While one might expect to see more ideas surrounding famous topics like e-wallet, payments and blockchain, the actual diversity of applications was eye-opening, demonstrating a strong participation by Fintech startups of all types and hunger to introduce new solutions to the financial industry. Diversity Of Fintech Champions In SEA CASE STUDY SUMMARY: Malaysian Fintech Opportunity Report 2018 3 MPos 4% Big Data 8% Lending 12% E-Wallet 8% KYC 4% Payments 4% Insurtech 20% FX 4% PFM 20% Chatbox 4% Investment 12% Startup Trends: Fintech Verticals
  4. 4. DataSource:GeneralFintechstartupandcompanynominationsbytheMalaysian publicandFintechinfluencerssubmittedviaSurveyformatbit.ly/myfintechdiagram AIKYC Wallets InsuranceBlockchain/Cryptocurrency ProcessingPaymentsInfrastructure RealEstate CapitalMarketing&Trading Regulator&Compliance WealthCompaniesPersonal&ConsumerLendingHedgeFunds/AlternativeData MoneyRemittance/CurrencyExchange CrowdFunding CapitalMarkets&Trading IslamicFinance IslamicFinance Lending-ECF Lending-P2P ComparisonSites BusinessLending PersonalFinance&MobileBanking MobilePointofSales FinancialService&Infrastructure CreditScore&Analytics 1337VenturescreatedtheMalaysianFintechOpportunityMap 2018bydistributingandsharingasimpleSurveythroughits socialmediachannelsandstartupnetworks.Theresultofthis collaborativeprojectshowsthatourcountryisheavilypopulated insomeverticals(i.e.,Payments,WalletsandComparisonSites), andlackinginothercategories(i.e.,RegulatoryCompliance&AI). TheDiagramisavisualnon-quantitativewayofdemonstrating theopportunitiesavailabletofintechstartupswhoarekeento breakintothespace.Whilemajorplayersmaycontinueto dominatethemarketand/orfundsincertaincongested verticals,otherblueoceanpocketsremainwideopenforbrave startupstopenetrate. Justaseverystartupisajourneyofconstantvalidation,reiteration andimprovementbasedonfeedback,sowasthisOpportunity Map.Newverticalswereaddedasmoreformsubmissionsrolled in,andsomesegmentationswerealteredbasedonfeedback fromthepublic.Feelfreetoshareyourinputinthegrowthofthis collaborativeOpportunityMap,bynominatingnewFintech startupsherebit.ly/myfintechdiagram PopularVerticalsVs. UntappedGoldMines CASESTUDYSUMMARY: MalaysianFintechOpportunityReport20185 MalaysianFintechStartupsV1.1 MalaysianFintechOpportunityReport20184
  5. 5. Fintech Trends 2018 Blockchain Increase in blockchain project funding, with more verticals and use cases explored, together with the rapid adoption by technology giants. Insurtech Companies to explore this vertical deeper with the emphasis of capturing the millennial market. Personal Finance Management Increased emphasis of Personal Finance Management and integration with financial products. Investments The rise of high yield investments to cater to the demands of the millennial market, as can be seen in the case study of Bitcoin. Digital Transactions Continued increase in digital transactions with the rise of digital products and e-commerce. Rise of B2B solutions With fintech consumer products being saturated, the need for B2B solutions will rise to support the growth and the paradigm shift of fintech verticals. (+603) 2733 0337 info@1337.ventures C-L19-08, KL Trillion, 338, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia C : E : A : 1337 Ventures Sdn Bhd