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What different generations use Facebook for

emarketer chart showing what different generations use Facebook for. No huge surprises, but it's worth noting anyway.
It confirms that older users have been going onto Facebook to keep in touch with family (51% for the oldest age group compared to 27% for the youngest), and that older users more often than not come on board because someone suggested they do so (60%).

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What different generations use Facebook for

  1. 1. How the Old, the Young and Everyone in Between Uses Social Networks<br />Article<br />
  2. 2. The Who<br /><ul><li>Social networkers utilize popular Websites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in different ways depending on their age
  3. 3. According to Anderson Analytics, Generation Z (13-to-14-year-old) social network users were more likely to use MySpace than Facebook. Only 9% of them used Twitter and none used LinkedIn
  4. 4. Generation Y was a somewhat different story. Three-quarters of 15-to-29-year-olds used MySpace, 65% used Facebook, 14% used Twitter and 9% used LinkedIn.
  5. 5. Generation X, 30-to-44-year-olds, and baby boomers, 44-to-65-year-olds, connected on LinkedIn more than any demographic.
  6. 6. Nine in 10 older social network users, which Anderson Analytics called the WWII generation, used Facebook, and 17% tweeted.
  7. 7. When it came to why social networkers joined a social network, however, the reasons were similar from generation to generation.</li></li></ul><li>The Why?<br /><ul><li>Sizable percentages of every age group wanted to keep in touch with friends, have fun or stay in contact with family, or had been invited by someone they knew. The youngest users were most likely to be interested in fun and friends, while family contact appealed more to older social networkers.
  8. 8. Very few users of any age joined for business-related purposes such as recruiting potential candidates, sales, job searches or business networking.
  9. 9. “Due to the difference in age of the users, the interests of users are naturally different,” wrote the authors of the report.
  10. 10. “LinkedIn users are more interested in luxury activities, Twitter users are more interested in pop culture and MySpace users are more interested in humor/comedy and video games.”</li></ul>It seems social networking sites are places for friends to meet, no matter what their age.<br />
  11. 11. Facebook is becoming a popular site among the older generations <br />Generation Z users (13 to 14 years old) use MySpace and Facebook more than any other site in the study by a long shot, with Facebook slightly trailing behind MySpace at 61% to 65%. 9% of this group use Twitter, and none use LinkedIn.<br />75% of Generation Y users (15 to 29 years old) use MySpace compared to Facebook at 65%. Usage of Twitter (14%) and LinkedIn was up for this group. <br />Respondents in the Generation X (30 to 44 years old), baby boomers (44 to 65 years old), and the WWII categories are more likely to use Facebook, followed by MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn. <br />In other words, Facebook is becoming a popular site among the older generations – but the more telling stats here would be on growth and engagement.<br />