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Ayman's Credentials 2002 2010

My role as a Marketing Communications Practitioner involves working from agency side on preparing highly effective campaigns tailored towards the needs of the client and responsible for preparing and delivering pitches and presentations aimed at securing new business.
As a “Brand Ambassador” - throughout the campaign process- it is my responsibility to work closely with creative / media/ production suppliers to ensure that strategy and campaign developed in accordance with the client’s brief and budget. There are usually deadlines that have to be achieved so it’s important that close relationships are developed with the client to ensure any possible problems or disagreements are resolved swiftly. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the client is appropriately invoiced for the advertising service provided so accurate records of expenditure and hours worked must be maintained.
As a “Brand steward” , once the advertising campaign is launched, it is then necessary to monitor its level of success and update the client accordingly.

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Ayman's Credentials 2002 2010

  1. 1. Objectives   Learn and share knowledge that sharpens my perception and develops my performance.   To help brands better understand who their customers are and how to communicate with them. Brand print   Ayman is brand driven practitioner whom efficiently delivers on time quality innovative marketing communications solutions that sells. Proposition   Via embedding innovative thinking into the core of business I aspire to simply and continually change perspectives, defy expectations and challenge status quo
  2. 2. Disciplines   Account Management / Planning RESEARCH/ BRAND AUDIT/STRATEGY BRAND IDENTITY   Project Management OUT OF HOME AMBIENT   360 Brand Steward RETAIL/POS TV   Strategic and Creative PRINT Solutions RADIO ONLINE/MOBILE PR EVENT ACTIVATION/ GUERILLA/ EXPERIENTIAL
  3. 3. Retail, FMCG& Pharmaceutical Financial Telecom, IT& Automotive Government
  4. 4. Isuzu Trucks   Business situation : Isuzu truck D-Max will not introduce new exterior shape for 2011, as 6/10 radical changes will touch the 2012 model.   Marketing solution: To sustain sales performance, meet users needs and maintain brand recognition and affinity we are making surgical intervention [AKA] facelift.   Idea: To reveal the facelift result in front of sub-dealers, media and key loyal client. Live performance with sound effect and props.
  5. 5. Saudi Red Crescent 4/09
  6. 6. Siwak.F toothpaste   Challenge: Overall, past performance of the brand has not been very impressive… It 1/09 failed to reach out to a consumer base beyond the conservative older segment of the population, and in terms of quality perception did not succeed in attaining a high score: a major set back for a dental care product   Objectives: To develop a packaging facelift for the Siwak toothpaste brand to upgrade and modernize its image and appeal   Devices : –  Packiging –  Print ad   Strategy: "The Siwak Has Been Completely Redefined"
  7. 7. Bupa- International re-positioning   Mission: To move the brand from functional slot into emotional connection   Healthcare starts with us >>>>>>>> Taking care of lives in hand
  8. 8. Bupa- IPO   Mission: In compliance, smooth over subscribed IPO.   Solution: To focus messages on brand’s competencies
  9. 9. Bupa- B2C   Mission: Get 1 M Member by end of 2008   Solution: Connect with SME, Family segment and engage in a positive dialogue   Result: call center inbound calls increased by 700 % , conversion rate reached to 20%.
  10. 10. Generate Convert Retention Awareness to of Leads Members Members loyalty program
  11. 11. LG- Air condition   Assignment was how we will promote LG Titan as the unit that Let In The Refreshing 12/08 Harmony of Life   AC can be defined by two dimension … what keeps out and what allows in, we went the second route “ BREATHING LIFE INSIDE”
  12. 12. LG- Laptop   With this new function, LG introduced the ultimate portability 10/08
  13. 13. Al-Buhairat City- Brand Re-launch   Challenge :Correct misperceptions 11/08   Objective: To position the brand as KSA’s new destination for serene living and entertainment.   Solution: Get in touch with nature
  14. 14. VOLVO-Zahid Tractors 06/08 Take advantage of the charged and rich atmosphere of the high school and university final exams and with cleverly relevant communication, attract the maximum number of high school graduates and college students to test the C30
  15. 15. Prudential AL JAZIRA   Scope of work : IPO benchmark& approach 05/08 “Islamic focus united two key players” Customers Press & Investors Media Opinion Financial Leaders Players Prudential Business Competitors Partners Community Internal Organizations Stakeholders Public Institutions
  16. 16. TOYA Noodles   Assignment: as a buffer brand, its Toya roll to play around with competition keeping 08/08 Indomie on higher emotional ground and out of reach and grow the category.
  17. 17. Toya re-launch   A proactive brand development idea to support the planned expansions, we need to launch the Toya brand with a clear message and the right positioning...   We saw an oppurtunity to Drive Awareness of Toya… Define the Brand, and give it the image that appeals to the desired target …To make Toya the #1 instant noodles brand among the Saudi youth (14-18 yo)
  18. 18. Indomie regional repositioning 03/08
  19. 19. Indomie post launch
  20. 20. SHAMS AL RIYADH communication strategy   Mission: to bring to live SHAMS vision to exceed your expectations in a way for you to 09/07 grow your potential so that you empower your circle
  21. 21. Aloha & Food Island Light Meat Tuna   Project aimed to Boost the likelihood of selecting product among competitive brands in 4/07 clattery category
  22. 22. Siemens-SABIC Technical Meeting   Objective: To Reflect Siemens image as a company which has ANSWERS and 3/07 SOLUTIONS for industry, environment and life.   Challenge: Get the customers attention for our new products and services in a way To acquire new partners and customers.   Solution: To Position Siemens as an expert on Infrastructural Solutions in the fields of Health, Industry, and Environment / Energy and communicate that to Key Decision Makers in Saudi Arabia.
  23. 23. AL AMTHAL LEASING 1/02   Brand launch campaign and stakeholders media event in Intercontintal.
  24. 24. Lets Talk ayman.sarhan@gmail.com