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Teleradiology in Africa

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Teleradiology in Africa

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Teleradiology in Africa

  1. 1. Teleradiology In Africa Case Study : A Retrospective Study & Review of Teleradiology in Africa Dr. Siddhi Ghatwal, Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur, Padmashree Raikar
  2. 2. Telehealth in Africa
  3. 3. TRS in Africa
  4. 4. Material & Methods A Retrospective Study & Review of Teleradiology in Africa
  5. 5. Findings : Location wise Breakup Gender Break up Modality wise Distribution Age Break Up Based on Clinical Significance Based on Health Risk
  6. 6. Analysis • 37 % had significant health diseases • 8% of the Sample Pediatric Data at a High Risk for Disease if Ignored.
  7. 7. Conclusions • Early & Accurate detection for treatment • Improved patient outcome • Decrease in spread of infection and • Overall decrease in healthcare costs
  8. 8. Teleradiology could be an influential technology in providing superior quality healthcare to the underprivileged in all parts of the world. www.telradsol.com info@telradsol.com