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Fiscal deficit in india
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Fiscal deficit in india

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  • 1. Fiscal Deficit in India Presented by : 201 – Arun Agarwal 216 – Bloscher D’mello 231 – Divesh Ketan 246 – Arvind Panchal 261 – Rohit Salian 276 – Prashul Shetty
  • 2. What is Fiscal Deficit Fiscal deficit is measured in terms of the percentage of GDP of a country. The higher the percentage of the fiscal deficit the difficult is it for the country. Increase in the fiscal deficit would point that the spending is increasing at a faster pace as compared to the earning of the country. So to finance this spending country will have to borrow debt from different sources.
  • 3. Total ExpenditureRevenue Expenditure XXCapital Expenditure XX XXLess: Total ReceiptsRevenue Receipts XXRecoveries of Loans XXOther Capital Receipts XX (XX)Fiscal Deficit XX
  • 4. Problem Statement Our research aims to understand Fiscal Deficit and the ways reduce the same in the developing country like India.
  • 5. Research Objective• To understand the state of fiscal deficit in India.• To identify the strategies to reduce the Fiscal deficit in India.• To recommend a framework to reduce the Fiscal Deficit.
  • 6. Sample Design The sampling method used is Convenience Sampling Method. The sample size we have interviewed is 25 people. We have selected people with the sound knowledge about the topic.
  • 7. Ways to reduce Fiscal Deficit Proper distribution system Raising import taxes and prices of petroleum products Cutting down expenses on government depts Subsidy at the input level Cutting the corruption tentacles Improve the Government Investment
  • 8. Thank You