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  • Recruiter brings you the best Talent Search on LinkedIn, period.Get Unlimited Access: all names, full profiles.First, you get access to all names and full profiles. Not just those in your 3-degree network, allowing you to ace even the toughest searches in functions, industries or even locations you’re not well connected into.Find the Best, much Faster: all premium search filters. Second, premium search filters, some of which have been developed exclusively with recruiting in mind, allow you to zero-in exactly on the profiles you’re looking for in just a few clicks. No need to build advanced queries: you refine on the fly, with really powerful criteria such as “years of experience”, “years in current position”, “function”, “current company”, “groups” and many more.Contact Candidates Directly: 50 InMails / mth. Response guaranteed.Third, after finding just the right profiles, you can contact them directly in a trusted environment: the LinkedIn homepage and the email address which they tied to their LinkedIn account (personal email if they prefer that your emails do not end up on their work inbox). The very high response rates of InMail will surprise you. As if that was not enough, InMails that go unanswered get credited back after 7 days and rollover to the next month if unused. Think of 50 InMails / month as 50 replies from candidates / month!
  • LinkedIn Jobs network is not about creating an incrementally better job board. We’re about redefining the way companies post jobs online. The old way: Until recently, traditional job boards were the only solutionAudience: limited to active candidates who search boards – Only ~20% of professionals are actively looking (Lou Adler study of LI members)Method: Post and hope that the right candidate would search for the job and applyResults: Large numbers of lower quality applicants and time wasted disqualifyingLinkedIn is changing the game: Jobs network, not a job boardAudience: Passive as well as active candidates – 60% of professionals are not actively looking, but willing to consider the right opportunity if presentedMethod: Your jobs target these candidates with the right opportunities in the context of professional interactions they’re having onlineOutcome: Higher quality candidates and less time wasted disqualifying poor applicantsI’ll explain how LinkedIn does this
  • Summarize the huge advantage customers get by posting to LinkedIn:LinkedIn is the solution for ALL of their professional jobs. The jobs that they only post to traditional boards or their corporate website miss out on the benefits of the LinkedIn Jobs Network:The jobs you post to traditional boards or your careers website will reach only active candidates (about 20%) The jobs you post to LinkedIn will reach these as well as passive candidates (about 60%) They will also benefit from automatic targeting, so the right jobs reach the right candidatesTargeted jobs on every member’s home page (Jobs You May Be Interested In)Viral forwarding to LI members, LI Network Update Stream, Facebook, TwitterPosting to Groups as targeted pools of talentItalicized text represents enhanced features that carry a cost (WWU, LCP)See appendix for more detail on these solutions and how to include them in your jobs presentation.This is based on the December, 2010 study by the Adler group
  • Where best to advertise and build your recruitment brand than on a site where professionals want to be better at what they do and think about having better careers?Advertising where the best of them never go and / or go only where they are actively looking (i.e. traditional job boards) may not let you build your brand with the people you want to attract. Highly Targeted Advertising: By industry, function, seniority, and moreAdvertising on LinkedIn brings you the ability to target exactly who you need, in the right context, in ways that get noticed, where professionals share insights and advice, increasing the odds that someone you touch would then share positive stories of your company with their peers. The targeting we provide is really unmatched: By industry, function, seniority, and more.Benefits of targeting:Make sure you reach the people you needOptimize your spend by Reaching only these peopleMake the message very relevant to them, e.g. if you’re talking to designers in the apparel industry, your message We can also help you inform your advertising strategy and measure the impact of your campaigns.
  • [Note: Use this slide to communicate the power of our job matching algorithm--Jobs You May Be Interested In--and the importance of posting all jobs on LinkedIn]Reaching candidates on LinkedIn begins with posting all of your professional jobsLinkedIn understands the professional background of every one of our members. Using our job matching algorithms, we can target each member with the most relevant jobs automaticallyWhen you post all of your jobs on LinkedIn, you’re able to show highly relevant jobs to all of your target candidatesSteve will see marketing roles, Erica will see sales roles and Bryan will see finance roles (If you only post sales roles, for example, you miss an opportunity to engage people like Bryan and Steve)This targeting is so effective that over 50% of job applications on LinkedIn now come from recommended jobs (not active job search)While we have a healthy group of active candidate searching for jobs, you aren’t limited to this group on LinkedIn as you are with traditional job boardsTransition: I’ll show you exactly how candidates experience targeted jobs on LinkedIn.[Note: Recommended jobs means the viewer found the job through JYMBII, “Similar Jobs,” or “Viewers also viewed” modules. Not via job search]
  • Imagine Erica is a ROLE at ACME systems. She’s a typical passive candidate. She doesn’t visit job boards but comes to LinkedIn to network.Each time Erica logs into LinkedIn, she sees relevant jobs in the Jobs You May Be Interested In module right on the home page, and in her Network Update StreamBy putting all or most of your professional jobs on LinkedIn, you can ensure that all types of professionals you’re trying to hire see opportunities relevant to them
  • …with our dynamic content targeting, we can deliver the right message based on the member’s function, industry, experience level, etc. In this example, a <SALES> Professional would see a different message from the Engineer on the previous slide.Analytics allow you to see who has been engaging with your brandSilver and Gold LCP customers can access data on: visitors by industry, title, function and company, pageviews over time, clicks on jobs, messages sent to recruiters, clicks on employee profiles, and clicks on job “Apply” buttons.
  • This is screen shot ONE of TWO (top portion of the Career Page)[[This is a generic company. Customizable screen shots and additional collateral featuring real Career Page customers will be sent out following the product launch]]Your key recruitment messageYour featured recruitersJob postings targeted specifically to viewers based on his or her profile informationYour culture video(For Gold customers, the customer can create up to five different versions of the page, customizing all of these modules to appeal to the viewer based on his or her profile information)
  • This is screen shot TWO of TWO (middle portion of the Career Page)[[This is a generic company. Customizable screen shots and additional collateral featuring real Career Page customers will be sent out following the product launch]]Employee spotlights – Gold customers can select different employees to feature based on who is viewing the page (up to five versions)Employee benefitsCustomizable modules – These can be any set of pictures and text the customer wants to include (e.g., Culture, Awards, Philanthropy, etc). Customers can add up to 3 custom modulesLinks to additional company content(For Gold customers, the customer can create up to 5 different versions of the page, customizing all of these modules to appeal to the viewer based on his or her profile information)
  • Investing in the LinkedIn solution allows you to reach candidates like Erica at all touch points on LinkedIn:-When they visit the home page through Jobs You May Be Interested In modulesWhen they network with your employees (Work With Us)When they research your company (Career Page)And in the case of active candidates, when they search for jobs. Active job seeking is just one dimension of LinkedIn jobsHowever, it’s important that all of your professional roles are represented so that all types of professionals know you’re hiring people like them. People of all seniority levels and functions are on LinkedIn every day, and if you limit the jobs you post, you miss an opportunity to engage them with highly relevant jobs.[Note: this slide describes Jobs, Career Page and Work With Us, but presents them as part of a seamless solution]
  • Apresentação Seminário Online

    1. 1. Seminário Online: Recrutando pelo LinkedIn – Passo a Passo
    2. 2. 2 Ramiro Luz Executivo de Contas LinkedIn | São Paulo, Brasil | Conexões:+500 rluz@linkedin.com | 55 11 2938-0707
    3. 3. 3 O que preparamos para vocês hoje     
    4. 4. 16 January 2009 - 5
    5. 5. 6 Usuários no Mundo Crescendo a taxa de + 2 usuários por segundo 1 em cada 3 profissionais no mundo 225M+ 2 4 8 17 32 55 90 145 225+ 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Usuários LinkedIn (Milhões) 200
    6. 6. 13M+ 77M+ 11M+ 20M+ 20Idiomas 26Escritórios
    7. 7. O Poder da Rede do LinkedIn Crescimento de Membros e Engajamento Produtos e Serviços Relevantes e Valiosos Massa Crítica de Dados
    8. 8. Por que os profissionais usam o LinkedIn? Identidade Perfis profissionais Connectar, encont rar contatos e ser encontrado Networking Discutir e encontrar informações sobre sua área de atuação Insights
    9. 9. Candidatos ativos e passivos necessitam de abordagens diferenciadas Candidatos Ativos Procuram oportunidades - atualizam seus currículos nos sites de emprego e candidatam-se às vagas - preenchem longos formulários - participam de diversos processos Candidatos Passivos Estão focados em suas carreiras - desenvolvem seu networking - procuram insights profissionais - se interessam por oportunidades que façam sentido em suas carreiras
    10. 10. Encontre os melhores candidatos, não apenas aqueles que procuram por oportunidades Passivos 80% 225M Ativos 20% usuários
    11. 11. 12
    12. 12. 13
    13. 13.     
    14. 14. LinkedIn Jobs   Da maneira antiga: Sites tradicionais   15 Baixa qualidade Demorado Alta qualidade Economia de tempo
    15. 15. 16 80% 20%     •  Ofereça os empregos certos aos melhores candidatos
    16. 16.    17
    17. 17. 18 VAGAS QUE PODEM SER DO SEU INTERESSE VAGAS QUE PODEM SER DO SEU INTERESSE Analista Financeiro Bank of America VAGAS QUE PODEM SER DO SEU INTERESSE Diretor Sr. de RH Gap Inc. Carlos Analista Financeiro EricaPaulo Diretor de RH Gerente de Negócios Amazon Gerente de Negócios xyzCo Diretor de RH Gerente Financeiro Gerente Sr. de Negócios Anúncios Direcionados Automaticamente Para Quem Interessa >50%das aplicações ocorrem em vagas direcionadas (não buscadas) xyzCo xyzCo
    18. 18. Product Marekting Manager NetApp– Sunnyvale, CA Product Marketing Manager Amazon.com – Seattle, WA Senior Product Manager NetApp – Santa Clara, CA Jobs You May Be Interested In See more » Account Executive xyzCo – Sunnyvale, CA x Sr. Account Executive Amazon.com – Seattle, WA x Sales Manager NetApp – San Jose, CA x beta xyzCo posted a job you may be interested in: Gerente de Negócios VAGAS QUE PODEM SER DO SEU INTERESSE Visualizar mais» x x x beta xyzCo Gerente de Negócios NetApp Gerente de Negócios Amazon Gerente Sr. de Negócios Erica Robertson ACME systems Gerente de Negócios Share ● Careers ● See more jobs ● 6 minutes ago Anúncios Direcionados Automaticamente Para Quem Interessa
    19. 19. 20 Erica Soares ACME systems Gerente de Negócios Potencialize o perfil de seus funcionários
    20. 20. 21 Erica Soares ACME systems Gerente de Negócios Erica Soares Gerente de Negócios Para atingir os melhores candidatos de forma relevante e com alto impacto
    21. 21.    Erica Gerente de Negócios
    22. 22. Erica Soares ACME systems Na Homepage do LinkedIn Quando eles se conectam com seus funcionários Quando eles pesquisam sua empresa Quando eles procuram por vagas Gerente de Negócios Gerente de Negócios Gerente de NegóciosGerente de Negócios Gerente de Negócios Influencie Candidatos em Todos Pontos de Contato xyzCo xyzCo xyzCo xyzCo
    23. 23. 26 Mantenha-se informado  Twitter: @LinkedInBrasil  Siga a Página do LinkedIn Brasil  Soluções de Recrutamento: br.talent.linkedin.com – Eventos, seminários online – Vídeos com depoimentos de clientes – Estudos de caso – Materiais informativos sobre as soluções
    24. 24. Perguntas?
    25. 25. 28 Fale com a gente!
    26. 26. Obrigado e boas contratações!