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A mother in doubt
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A mother in doubt


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  • 1. ESCOLA ESTADUAL “DR. JOAQUIM VILELA” Avaliação de Língua Inglesa - English Test - Teacher: Name: Number: Class: Data: Eixo Temático: A mother in doubtDear Mr. Clover,My daughter Laura tries to study English every day. But she never learns it well. Do you think that she has a badmemory for languages? Aretha Thompson Dear Mrs. Thompson,I don’t think Laura has a bad memory for languages. She is a bright student. Maybe your daughter lacks interest orshe doesn’t like the subject for one reason or another. Perhaps she is studying at a wrong time of the day. You saythat she “tries to study”. Why doesn’t she really study? I mean, study, but unconsciously they don’t pay attention towhat they are doing. Ask Laura to talk to her teacher before it is late. Ken Clover, (coordinator) Mark the correct answer 1- Mrs. Thompson writes to Mr. Clover in the condition of a: (a) Daughter (b) Mother (c) Student (d) Teacher 2- Laura: (a) Doesn’t learn English well. (b) Don’t have a good memory (c) Doesn’t pay attention in school (d) Don’t study English with attention 3- The text is about: (a) Adolescence conflicts (b) Learning difficulties (c) Discipline (d) School problems 4- Mr. Ken Clover thinks that Laura is a: (a) Bad student (b) Good student (c) Bad daughter (d) Good student 5- According to the text: (a) Mrs. Thompson is being impatient with Mr. Clover. (b) Mr. Clover planning another classroom for Laura (c) Mrs. Thompson is trying to help Laura (d) Mr. Clover is worrying too much 6- Marque a alternativa que complete corretamente a lacuna: Questão 6 e 7 She often __________________on weekends, poor girl! (a) Work (b) Works (c) Working (d) Have Worked 7- _______________many trees and rivers in this forest (a) Has (b) Have (c) There are (d) there is 8- “Bring me a glass of water, will you?” (a) Command (b) offer (c) polite request (d) suggestion 9- “It is always nice to see you” is used in: (a) Arrivals (b) Greetings (c) introductions (d) visits 10- The feminine of father, brother and son are: (a) Aunt – niece – grandmother (b) Lady- mother- aunt (c) Mother- sister – daughter (d) Sister – daughter – niece