Get amazon kindle bestseller roadmap] learn how i went from $35 a month to $5500

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Get amazon kindle bestseller roadmap] learn how i went from $35 a month to $5500

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Get amazon kindle bestseller roadmap] learn how i went from $35 a month to $5500

  1. 1. GET AMAZON KINDLE BESTSELLER ROADMAP] Learn How IWent From $35 a Month to $5500 Within Three MonthsTired Of Publishing Kindle Booksand Seeing ZERO Sales?If youre like me, you want to be a part of this Kindle goldrush. It seems like there are authors all over theplace who are making big bucks, sometimes in the millions of dollars. Even more than that, there seem to betons of product creators trying to cash in on Kindle.The problem is that many of these product creators maynever have had success on Kindle themselves! So, I decided to make my own WSO as I have had immensesuccess with it since August of 2012.You see, I started publishing fiction at that time, which was weird because I had never even read fictionmuch less wroteit. But I heard there was money to be made, and I am always interested in that! So, I readother books in my genre for one month and then started writing. Between August and December, I wentfrom making $35 a month to $5500 in December.Here are some screen shots showing my successes on Kindle so far:
  2. 2. Now, just as with Google, Amazon changes their algorithm from time to time, so my income fluctuates hereand there, but the vast majority of my income comes from Kindle every single month. I have now sold closeto 15,000 books in the last 9 months. Most of that came from just FIVE books even though I have sinceadded more to my collection. In addition, Ive given away almost 275,000 FREE books since August whichhas grown my fan base by leaps and bounds and helped to sell my new books as they come out!It is crazy to me to think that almost 300,000 people have MY books on their Kindle right now!I get emails from my list and online friends almost daily asking me what I did to have that level of success asa new fiction author. I decided to look back and see how I became a best selling author, so this course is allabout that. I am going to reveal to you the things I did to push my books up the ranks and develop afollowing of fans and readers. These are the things I still do every single week to maintain my sales and growmy fan base.Im not going to write a bunch of sales copy here because this is a dime sale and time is ticking.   Instead, Iwill tell you that it is a short PDF (around 20 pages) and about 9 videos showing some of the concepts Iteach. I dont hold ANYTHING back, so you are getting exactly what I do. Also, I am not giving you any fluff. Im not explaining how to write a book, load a book on Kindle or anythingelse. I am ONLY showing you the things I do to promote myself and my books effectively. Some things arefree, others have a cost. It is up to you to decide what you will invest your time and money in.If you are struggling to make SALES and build your FOLLOWING (two critical issues with making publishingyour business), then you will want to pick this WSO up right now!GET AMAZON KINDLE BESTSELLER ROADMAP] LearnHow I Went From $35 a Month to $5500 WithinThree Months